After 17 years away I went back to China in November 2016. A week in Shanghai followed by a train trip to Hong Kong for 6 days and then a 25 hour train trip up to Beijing for a week before returning to Shanghai on the bullet train for 2 days.

A great many thoughts and impressions but overall I surprised myself at how positive I felt about the many changes in China. The people are happy but the pollution has to be seen to be believed. Many thoughts will follow, I took over 3,000 photographs and a lot of video which will be posted over the next few weeks so keep coming back for updates.

I have 800+ photos uploaded to SmugMug including many China Trip 2016 Photos

Take a look

NEW… Experimental video…. Nanjing Road Shanghai - in reverse

Beijing Day and Night

Beijing - Drive 1

Traditional music on the streets of Beijing

Time-lapse - Drive from Shanghai suburb to Pudong airport

Time-lapse - Drive from New Shanghai to Old Shanghai

Longhua Temple - Shanghai