1973 - 74 DJ aboard the legendary “Pirate" RADIO CAROLINE

In the 1960‘s Radio Caroline revolutionised British radio broadcasting. I was with the station in 1973 and 1974 when the ship was anchored off the Dutch Coast.

1975-81 Producer, Presenter, Head of Training, Head Of Music at RADIO TEES

Radio Tees was a large commercial local radio station in the North East of England. Presenters trained by me are now found in many radio stations around the World including two ex daytime controllers of BBC Radio One the British national pop music station.

1981-90 Head of Programmes, Head of Music, Head of Training, Presenter at MORAY FIRTH RADIO

Based in the North of Scotland, Moray Firth Radio is one of the smallest commercial local radio stations in the UK serving a small population scattered across a very large area. Throughout the 1980's the station achieved some of the highest audience figures ever recorded in British local radio. The station continues to achieve high audience figures and has won a great many top awards for its programmes.


Operating from Shanghai, China, and a cottage studio in Scotland. 300.000.000 potential listeners in Fourteen cities throughout the Peoples Republic of China plus another 79,240,000 in Vietnam and....... Mongolia.

I went to China in November 1988 to make a documentary for Capital Radio in London. The Chinese offered me the opportunity to produce programmes but said they could not pay me. I would have to pay them by selling advertising.

Courier company DHL agreed to sponsor a weekly "Hello From Britain" programme in Shanghai. I returned to China in May 1989 to sign a contract and found myself in the middle of the Tiananmen Square student demonstrations!

The DHL funded programme began in August 1989. In 1990 Nescafe agreed to sponsor more programmes in Shanghai.

In 1992 programming was expanded to 14 cities. In 1993 we also secured sponsorship in Shanghai from Sony.

We were true pioneers in China and occupied more than Thirty Thousand Hours of airtime and conducted Twelve Million Dollars worth of business. The operation involved not only producing programmes but also running a company and dealing with multi national sponsors. To make it all work I had to train Chinese presenters and even build the necessary studios. Although we were badly hit by the "Asian Financial Crisis" in January 1999 we continued to produce a weekly programme in China until May 2002.

In 1997 I visited Vietnam and Mongolia and for three years produced a weekly programme "DHL International Music Express" on Radio The Voice Of Vietnam in Hanoi and Blue Sky Radio at Radio Television Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar.


Commercial Voice overs for many Radio Stations.

Freelance Documentary Producer.

Freelance Video Producer.

Short Term contract presenter for Blue Danube Radio in Vienna - Austria. 

Short Term Contract presenter for RTHK Radio Three in Hong Kong.


In June 1999 I worked with a Swiss based NGO and went to Macedonia for 10 days to help set up a daily News Programme in Albanian aimed at the Kosovo refugees.

In August 1999 I spent 5 weeks in Pristina in Kosovo where I designed and built two radio studios for the production of two daily news programmes, one in Albanian and one in Serbian. I also trained staff in journalism and production techniques.

In June 2000 I returned to Kosovo to help set up a daily Albanian youth magazine programme funded by UNICEF.

I returned to Kosovo in September 2000 to help set up a weekly OSCE funded Roadshow and Radio programmes and Features publicising the Municipal Elections.

In January 2001 I spent a week in Serbia to look at the possibilities for youth information programming.

I returned to Kosovo in September 2001 and spent 3 months as project manager with the now disbanded Swiss NGO. We were organising a weekly roadshow in villages across the country to promote democratisation and the elections. I also helped produce a weekly radio programme about the elections funded by OSCE. In addition I also helped produce a highly successful weekly Health and Environment programme.

I also worked with Childrens Aid Direct, UNICEF and the Canadian Governments International Aid Department to start “Bla Bla Cafe” a daily 15 minute youth magazine programme in Serbian. I built 3 studios and trained staff in journalism and production techniques. My brief was to close down the Swiss NGO project in Kosovo but I arranged for the local staff together with the studio equipment to be taken over by Childrens Aid Direct, and for extra funding to be given to the project by the Canadian Governments International Aid Department. The project continued as a local NGO for several years producing radio programmes in Kosovo in Albanian, Serbian and Roma.


In May 2001 I spent 9 weeks in Cape Town South Africa working with an innovative project called Workers World Radio Productions

My task was to train journalists for the production of a weekly 10 minute feature looking at work related issues. This feature was produced in FIVE languages and was broadcast by community radio stations across the country who then followed up the centrally produced feature with their own locally produced programme.

I returned to Cape Town in 2003 and spent another 3 months with this project.


In August 2001 I spent 5 days in Gaborone Botswana to help set up a drama studio for the production of a “Makgabaneng” a health education radio drama funded by the American Centre For Disease Control. This went on to become Botswana’s top radio programme and I returned in April 2002, October 2002 and July 2003 to give more production training.


In June 2002 I spent 5 weeks in Kabul working with a Scottish NGO helping to produce more that 100 short features to promote the Emergency Loya Jirga. This project was funded by USAID and OIM and we produced short dramas and vox pop features in which we spoke to many hundreds of people who gave their views on the situation within Afghanistan. These featured were broadcast on BBC World Service, Voice Of America, Radio Free Afghanistan and internally on Radio Afghanistan and local radio stations.

I returned to Kabul in December 2003 to help with the production of more features and in May 2004 spent a month training staff at Radio Kilid a local radio station in Kabul.

In January 2005 I built a music recording studio, Radio production facilities and two television edit suites for an Afghan NGO in Kabul. I trained key staff in Television production and returned in May 2005 to give more training to local staff some of whom were involved in a new radio station, Radio Nawa.


In April 2003 I spent a week in Tashkent Uzbekistan and a week in Dushanbe Tajikistan helping with production of health related radio dramas and back up feature production for a project organised by Silk Road Radio Productions and part funded by UNESCO.


Freelance video production in Scotland ranging from recording conferences, Award Ceremonies and training sessions to social documentaries, promotion of local charities and a film made for a Museum about the railway line that used to run into the village.

A more unusual project was to edit in my cottage in Scotland, 17 hours of video recorded at a conference in Jalalabad Afghanistan. 

I produced a 35 minute DVD in English and Pashto for an organisation called PACT RADIO. The video was about a conference of religious scholars and Afghan Government officials which was held to discuss the prospects for building an Islamic University in Afghanistan.

After a few years away from UK commercial radio I worked for two years as a presenter with Original 106 FM a small radio station for Aberdeenshire. I also presented programmes on Dutch Internet Radio Station Radio Seagull.

I produced and presented a six month series of programmes for Moray Firth Radio Inverness about eastern European workers and other foreigners living and working in the North of Scotland.

Since 2010 I have worked on video projects with a large International company based in Glasgow Scotland. I have also worked with a Scottish record company and produced two DVD’s of Pipe Band concerts held in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

I have worked on several video projects with Radio Stations Original 106 in Aberdeen and Wave 102 in Dundee.  I have also worked on Video Projects with the Evening Express and Press And Journal Newspapers in Aberdeen.

I have 4K video cameras together with radio microphones and video edit systems capable of broadcast quality editing, one of which runs from a laptop. and can travel with me anywhere.

Photography and video currently occupy most of my time and I am particularly interested in video as a medium of storytelling.


1986 - LAW SOCIETY OF SCOTLAND Silver Quill Award


Best Documentary describing the Scottish Legal System to a MASS Audience. Presenter Liz Campbell



Documentary about FARMING in the Old Days. Presenter Andy Ross

1988 - SONY AWARD forMost Creative Use Of Radio


The Sony Awards were Britain's TOP Awards. This award was for a “Sound Picture” of the

Nazi Concentration Camp at Mauthausen - Austria



Commendation for “China 88” My FIRST Documentary about China

1989 - SONY AWARD for “Best Daytime Sequence Programme”


This was my morning programme on Moray Firth Radio and won against NATIONAL programmes from the BBC

1990 - SONY AWARD for “Best Daytime Sequence Programme”


As Above! Won TWO YEARS in a row!

1990 - SONY NOMINATION for “Local Radio Personality Of The Year”

1990 - ANGLO HONG KONG TRUST “Best Media Project 1990”

1992 - NEW YORK RADIO FESTIVAL Silver Medal for “Best Director”


This is one of the WORLDS top Awards

2000 - NEW YORK RADIO FESTIVAL Finalist for “Best Director”


For my work in China, Mongolia, Macedonia and Kosovo