In June 2004 I spent a month with RADIO KILID ( Radio KEY ) a local station in Kabul.

Any kind of free media was very new in Afghanistan and Radio Kilid has been on air since August 2003. When I arrived, all of their programmes were pre recorded and you could rightly describe them as amateurs. They had no idea how to make what "we" would call "Programmes" The whole thing was simply Windows Media Player playing a stream of un connected sounds. Much of the broadcasting they had in the past in Afghanistan was designed and built by the Russians. I have seen, and worked for YEARS in many such stations from Serbia and Mongolia to China and Vietnam. The similarities in attude of the staff who sit behind microphones in these places is astounding.

When I left Radio Kilid all of their programmes were LIVE, bright and cheerful, and the staff had learned many things. They are a great bunch of people and I wish them and their audience well.

2005...... I visited Radio Kilid again in January and May 2005 and WOW!!!! They had made very real progress and had become a really GREAT station! Well done guys... and...... G  I  R  L  S  !  !  !

RADIO KILID JINGLE - Radio Kilid YOUR Radio-Its my favourite station!

RADIO KILID SPORTS PROMO - With IMAM their COOL sports reporter


RADIO KILID JINGLE - Radio Kilid Every Day

RADIO NAWA JINGLE- Soft Night time

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