Most of my photos are now being uploaded to 500 PX….. so far I’ve uploaded around 800!

Link is on the photography page plus a link to some experimental 360 degree photos.

Also on the photography page are links to photos and video from my trip to China in November 2016.

Audio from Moray Firth Radio added via a link on my CV page and there is more to come.

Added a page for local video projects Im working on close to home  

On my CV page I’ve added a link to a couple of programmes I made for RTHK Radio 3 in Hong Kong

Also on he CV page is audio from my time in Kosovo

A few thoughts about my - brief - return to UK radio in Aberdeen

Ive added a recommended music page with some Spotify playlists. It opens in a separate window so….. its now possible to listen to some of my favourite music while looking at photos and reading pages - non audio or video - around the site…. who needs…. Radio? Nowadays I only listen to Radio 4 and occasional LBC as just about everything else on the dial seems like anaesthetic for the masses and commercial radio is mostly non stop computer programmed music and commercials.

Spotify is…. excellent but sadly access to tracks and playlists is limited on a phone or iPad unless you have a paid subscription…… but it works fine on a laptop or desktop.

There are VERY many things to be added so keep returning for a look.