Good times from the early days of local commercial radio in the UK. Radio Tees in the North East of England - I joined just before the station came on air in June 1975 and left at the end of 1981 to join Moray Firth Radio in Inverness, Scotland. Hope to add captions to these photos soon but the program I use won’t let me. Photos are  mainly mine with some from John Foster - BBC Tees + More. We should ALL thank John for his fantastic and genuine interest in Radio Tees and for what he does to keep these memories alive! There is more audio to come too.

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A few Radio Tees programmes…..

The LOVELY Adam Eden - a truly nice man on “Morning Call” with the gardening Phone In

My second to last Radio Tees Breakfast Show. I am……. always have been….. and always will be….. a night time person. I HATE getting up early and NEVER wanted to do the bloody breakfast show!!!! Although I quite enjoyed the weekend ones.

Boris the boss put me on the Breakfast Show when the existing presenters wife threatened to leave him unless he came off it!!

For the next few months Boris put me through a considerable amount of hell. Every morning when I came off air

I spent over an hour in his office going over it link by link until I was so confused I could hardly think straight.

Then he took me off and put me on throughout the night plus weekend breakfast shows….. I will write more about this.

RIP Bob Hopton….. in some ways a real bugger but in other ways a fantastic guy who BELIEVED in it in a way that people in Radio today are incapable of understanding and I will be forever grateful for having worked UNDER him and for the opportunity he gave me.

1st October 1977 - This is MUCH more “ME”…… Anderson’s Saturday - Saturday evening 

“Ello there this is David Essex on the Brian Anderson Show” 😄

My Radio Tees Audition tape!!

Early 1975 - amazed that I still have this……. This is what landed me my first real job in UK commercial Radio